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Professional Services believes there are a variety of reasons to upgrade and remodel your bathroom. The good news for home and apartment owners, is that it is a home improvement that will make your life a lot easier and return as much as 100% of your investment if you decide to sell your property.


Master baths feature cozy whirlpool tubs with sconces for mood lighting and interior window for passing light. Master baths show off windows and high ceilings. Guest baths sport traditional tile designs. A luxurious master bath is more than a selling point for today's homeowners, it is a necessity. 


Today's homeowners are spending more time in, and money on, their master baths, so it is no surprise that they are one of the most highly regarded amenities in the home. 


No longer a strictly utilitarian room, master baths are becoming a personal retreat to rev up for the day's start or wind down at the day's end.

Bathroom Remodeling & Renovations
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Bathroom Design Basics


Like the kitchen, the bathroom space is an opportunity for home or apartment owners to increase the value of their property with a fabulous renovation. However as much as a bathroom renovation is desired it also brings with it stress, cost, and usually more time than expected. As you are dealing with an interior space that handles a lot of water, it is important to have a solid plan in place which includes following strict guidelines. There are also many other things to consider with regards to Bathroom design in order to make your new space work for you. Our mission at Professional Services is to keep you well informed so that you are properly equipped with the right information required to make educated decisions and ultimately save you time and money!

Build a Foundation


During the design process the most important question you can ask yourself is; "Why do I want a new Bathroom?" Is it because you are looking for more storage space? Is your space not being maximized? Is it old and out-dated? Does your cabinetry or vanity need to be replaced? Are your faucets in need of change as well? Is your Bathroom too dark? Is your space too small or too big? Too Boring? Or simply, too much?

By asking yourself these important questions you will have a much better idea of what you need to get out of your Bathroom. This information will become the foundation for your Bathroom design plan.

Make a wish list


Once you have your foundation in place it is important to ask yourself a few more questions. Now that I know what I need, what is it I want?  What you would like to have in your Bathroom?  Give this a lot of thought because design today can incorporate special storage and space savers into your vanities, cabinets and shelving units! Be sure to write a list of everything you couldn't live without. This list will also become a very important guideline for you, your contractor, or designer to follow.

Here are a few questions to paint an example for you:


Do you want dual faucets and sinks? Granite or Quartz countertops? Marble flooring?  Heated floors?  A stand up shower? Jacuzzi tub?  One piece toilet?  What will your color palette be?  What kind of vanity or cabinetry will you use?  What can I not live without?  Think along these lines to make sure that during your research, you can achieve exactly what you want for your bathroom.




How much can you afford to spend on your Bathroom?  This is a big question that can affect the entire project. Bathroom design projects are rarely inexpensive so you must get out and do some pricing on items that are necessary for you to fulfill your foundation and wish list. Beware that if you plan on replacing your plumbing and tub it will be even more costly.

When building your Bathroom design budget you also want to include the cost of all labor (electricians, carpenters, plumbers, contractors etc.) and then consider the possibility of hiring a designer.


You must stay within your budget when planning a new bathroom. Account for as much as possible and add on another 20%  just in case. Unexpected costs arise from time to time bathroom renovations, think water damage or mold, and the best way to overcome it is to create a great budget. Dreaming big is one thing, but placing importance on price and affordability will ensure that you get what you are expecting and save some money for unexpected emergencies.


Time Frame

It is also very important to know when your project needs to be completed. Bathroom renovation projects take time to complete. Set realistic goals. The remodeling and new construction industry at times can be booming, and this can have a direct affect on your project. Your contractor may be working on several projects at a time so be sure to communicate your completion date with him and demand a realistic response. Labor is not cheap so the shorter the time frame the lower the cost. It is also helpful to plan for you and your family to prepare an alternate location for your bathing needs into your budget if you do not have another bathroom on your premises.

Hiring a Contractor


If you speak to anyone who has ever participated in a bathroom renovation project or any other home renovation project they will most likely tell you that your contractor holds the key to guaranteed success. A contractor will make or break the renovation process and although the end result may look somewhat the same, what lies underneath may tell a much different story!

This is an industry that can harbor many scam artists that go after your money with no care for your welfare! There are very few laws out there to protect the homeowner so it is up to you! You need to do as much research as possible to ensure a successful renovation.

Make sure you use a professional and licensed contractor. There are lots of contractors out there who will undercut prices and offer you promises that are not realistic. Ask to see some portfolio work or for references. Make sure that your contractor is using accredited licensed plumbers and electricians as well. Be wary of anyone willing to start immediately or who asks for cash up front before a detailed contract is signed. Do not proceed with any payments unless you have a written agreement with your contractor and make sure they detail all work and what materials are included. You do not want a poorly installed Bathroom and any subsequent repairs will far outweigh the cost of using a professional. Please visit our Pricing & Costs page on this site..

Check your local agencies to see if the contractor you are thinking of hiring is fully licensed. Also check to see if they are insured.

Finally, be on site as much as possible! Be aware that your presence can also be a detriment to the renovation process but all the same be sure to see what is being done. Ask questions and get your contractor to show you exactly what has been done periodically.

It is so important to note that if you are suspicious of something at any point during the renovation process stop the job immediately! This is your space and it is your right to stop the job and discuss your concerns with your contractor. It might be your only chance to rectify the situation so take action immediately!




Hiring a designer can sometimes really help you get onto the right path sooner. These professional consultants can take care of every aspect of the design process like choosing the appropriate layout for you and your home. Coordinating color & lighting that is appropriate. Making sure all your trades and contractors are working in unison and of course ensuring that your dream bathroom becomes a reality. Designers will sit with you and go through a detailed interview process to get the best idea of what you are looking for. Their objective is to design a plan and develop a bathroom that works best for you. Your designer will combine your foundation and wish lists and weigh the pros and cons to balance them against your needs, space limitations and budget. Your designer will put together all the planning and logistical needs for your project. They can be expensive but many kitchen and bath showrooms will have in house designers working for them. You can set up an appointment or walk in and speak with someone almost immediately. This service helps the supplier get your business and they will do everything for you, from measuring your space to arranging packages for you that suit any budget.

A good designer is usually well worth their fee, but do your research and find a design consultant with a portfolio that really connects with your own personal style.

If your contractor has design experience himself he can help you in planning and designing out your new bathroom as well. However, please keep in mind that not all contractors are created equally.

Choosing Bathroom Colors


Now we get to bathroom colors and palettes. It is very important for you when you are in the design process to have a strong grasp of what color palette you are looking for. Colors can dramatically affect the overall look of your project. There are a few guidelines regarding color that might help get you on the right track!

Small Bathroom - Try using cool colors. These colors will actually make your space look larger where warm colors will make your space seem smaller! Make your ceiling seem taller by painting it a cooler color than the walls!

Large Bathroom - Any color could work however really intense colors can look amazing in a large space with appropriate contrasting colors. Warm colors will also help the space feel closer together.

Glossy - These colors and surfaces will reflect light making the color more intense.

Matte - These colors and surfaces will absorb light making the color seem flat or pale.

One of the most important decisions you will make in the design process is the appearance of your cabinets and vanities. They are the focal points for all bathrooms so if you choose a color palette that deviates too far from your cabinetry, you will definitely experience trouble matching your countertops,sinks, faucets, back splashes and flooring. Of course a perfect match is not necessary but any great renovation is built upon a strong foundation of color and compatibility. Remember that any color you choose will be very affected by the lighting in your space.


Bathroom Lighting


Bathroom lighting is such an important part of any bathroom design. Does your Bathroom get any natural light?  Does it catch morning, afternoon or evening sun?  Are there shadows cast?  If there is no natural light how do you bring light to your space?  What type of lighting fixtures will you use and what type of bulb will they require?

When planning your design, it is very important to consider the trends in lighting available today. No longer is the track lighting of the 80s and 90s the way to go. With Color palettes changing, lighting has become extremely important. Pot lights, sconces and recessed lighting can create great lighting for your bathroom and combined with dimmers will provide adequate lighting and fantastic ambiance. Xenon lighting is replacing halogens as a softer alternative to help eliminate the shadow effect traditionally cast by halogen bulbs. 



Vanities are an integral part of any bathroom design or remodel. There are several options to consider and in doing so you should consider space, storage needs and budget. Please check out our Affiliates & Suppliers page and click on Merillat for more detailed information on vanities.



Bathroom sinks come in various shapes and sizes. Popular models are one piece and inset. There is also a trend to top mounted sinks on vanities and counters. Learn more about bathroom sinks from our Affiliates & Suppliers page.


Bathroom Counter tops


Countertops and vanities are a big decision and can affect your bottom line. Make sure you plan out appropriately and get your contractor's opinion on the different materials available to help you in making your decisions. Remember to choose what works best for you and your needs. Maybe Granite would look amazing, but if you are concerned with prices, perhaps laminate or one piece vanities would do better.

Bathroom Backsplashes


Bathroom backsplashes are a great way to bring color and texture to your Bathroom walls. They are great at deferring moisture and clean easily. They are generally made from glass or ceramic tile. You can mix and match them to work with either your vanities or counter tops. Some interesting designs include floor to ceiling backsplashes and intricate mosaic tile designs. It's encouraged to be creative and have fun when designing any backsplash for your space.

Bathroom Flooring


You may think that the most used component of the bathroom would be the plumbing, however in fact it is your bathroom floor! Choosing the right bathroom floor depends on several factors. What will traffic be like?  How much do you want to spend?  What is the durability of each product?  Which is most water resistant?  What designs are available?  What are your flooring measurements and how much material will be required?  When designing your bathroom, it is vital to include appropriate flooring materials that keep durability, style and re-sale in mind. Whether you are designing, remodeling or re-designing your bathroom, research on bathroom flooring plays an enormous role as there are several materials to choose from.


Bathtubs and Showers


There are quite a few design options available today in regards to bathtubs and showers. Some of the more popular choices are stand up showers, jacuzzi tubs and of course, traditional soaker tubs.

Soaker Tubs- Soaker tubs come in many different styles, designs and materials. the most common materials for soakers include:Acrylic, Porcelain, Fiberglass/Gelcoat, Cast Iron, Ceramic Tile, Solid Surface and Marble Bathtubs.

Jacuzzi Tubs- These tubs are great if you are looking for a spa like experience in your bathroom. There are a multitude of options available but the most common are air jet tubs that create a jet stream of water forced by air into the tub. These tubs require electrical connections as they do have motors and do require more experience when installing.

Stand up Showers - These showers are growing in popularity as space in homes become more compact.

Most bathrooms will have a tub and shower combo but when limited for space or a shower is wanted in a converted powder room, a stand up shower is best. Many new condo developments and luxury homes are incorporating them into ensuites. They can be as simple as a single shower head stand up acrylic shower or as elaborate as dual or mutli head shower stalls with benches and built in shelving. Stand up showers are very sexy and can add quite a bit of wow to your renovation.

There are a few things to consider when installing a new tub or shower. As with any installation, plumbing will be a major consideration. Proper water proofing and moisture barriers are required in all new building codes. Whenever you remove and old tub, shower or tiles, you need to be prepared for some expensive fixes. Water damage is common and if the proper materials weren't used, such as cement board instead of drywall, then your budget can increase with needing to fix water damage and mold.

Most of All

Remember to enjoy the process. A bathroom renovation can be a very stressful time, but it doesn't have to be. There is a lot of joy to be had turning your tired space into one which you and your family will love for years to come. If you get a little lost in the process remember to use the information we've provided you with, and the best part, IT'S FREE!
Get educated on what choices and decisions you will have to make and be properly prepared. Stress is no good for anyone, besides getting a new bathroom should be an exciting journey not a nightmare! Make sure you hire the right contractor and Enjoy your new bathroom.

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