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Have a Good Idea of Exactly What You Want In Your New Bathroom!

Before you begin looking around for materials that you would like to use, you need to have a good idea of exactly what type of renovation you would like done in your bathroom. Start out by purchasing some design or remodeling magazines geared to home remodeling and bathrooms specifically. Identify the things you like in each magazine and mark the pages for future reference. You can also get some great ideas from watching all the remodeling and renovation shows on TV.

Write down what kind of style you like, (Modern, Contemporary, etc.) as well as a color scheme that you find desirable. For example, do you want marble, granite or ceramic tile on the walls and floor? Do you want bold and bright colors which really stand out, or subtle and soft pastels? Having this information together can help your potential bathroom contractor gain a complete understanding of your goals, expectations, and generally what you want.

Decide exactly what you want done in your bathroom remodeling project and whether or not you have enough in your budget to complete the renovation. Bathroom Remodeling Contractors can work on any size project in any size bathroom. You may want your entire bathroom remodeled or only the paint or fixtures changed or updated. Your bathroom renovation contractor can come up with an overall plan for your bathroom, and portions of it can be completed as your budget allows. 


A Few Pointers

Not many people ever really give much thought on all the ways in which a bathroom can be remodeled or renovated. Some of the less costly ways to remodel a bathroom include replacing items such as mirrors, medicine chests, vanities, faucets, light fixtures, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, countertops, tile or stone. Below is some basic information in regards to some typical items you will need in order to either fully renovate your bathroom or just spice it up a bit.

Bathroom Vanities: There are many of vanity options on the market today. We are certain that you will find one that fits your personal preference and budget. If you are remodeling a small bathroom, look for vanities which house only a single sink, they are available as narrow as twelve inches wide. If you are renovating a larger bathroom, you should consider using a double  sink vanity. If for some reason you cannot find the style or type of vanity you desire, you still have the option of having what you would like custom-made for you. Custom-made vanities add a great touch because you can have exactly what you want. In size, shape, color, and finish.

Bathroom Mirrors & Medicine Chests: A new mirror can give the impression of a larger bathroom. On our custom projects, in many cases we install new mirror either around new medicine chests or on complete bathroom walls from floor to ceiling. Medicine chests come in many sizes and configurations. Some come with electrical outlets in the chest, light fixtures built into the unit, or both features. Some are flush mount and some our recessed. Single door, double door, triple door, there are many to choose from. A good medicine chest should be factored in when planning your new bathroom renovation project.

Faucets & Shower Bodies: There is a very wide selection of faucets and shower bodies to choose from today, from many manufacturers. From standard styles to a sleek modern looks, the possibilities are almost endless. Typical finishes are chrome, brass, polished nickel, satin nickel, bronze, and copper. Your new faucet and shower body should match. They should be purchased as a set in matching finishes. Along with these you can also add hand held sprays for the shower, volume controls, diverter, temperature control valves, body sprays. There are many ways of setting up your shower and bathtub. These things need to be decided from the onset.

Lighting Fixtures: New light fixtures can create a bold statement in the bathroom, especially if you replace your old with something that is really ornate or unusual. All bathrooms should have good lighting either over or on each side of the mirror or medicine chest so that you can see what you are doing. Additional lighting should help to soften the room and create ambiance. Several types of lighting used in bathrooms are wall sconces, low voltage strip lighting under vanities, flush mount ceiling lights, high hats which are recessed in the ceilings if you have the room to get them in etc. These too should be factored in during your planning stage.



Bathtubs & Jacuzzis: Today's bathtubs come in many styles, shapes, and colors. Most are made from either cast iron with enamel finish or fiberglass. Sizes range from 60" long to 72" long and above, widths range from 28 " (European) 30" to 48" wide for the most part. They have jacuzzis, whirlpools, bubble massage and standard tubs. Free standing, drop in type (needs a frame built to house tub) undermount, and typical one sided apron types in left or right handed options. Decide what tub you are going to use during your planning as well.

Sinks & Toilets: The same applies for toilets. There are many available in either elongated or round front type. Many colors, many manufacturers. Standard roughing size is 12", however each manufacturer also makes a smaller selection of toilets in either 10" or 14" roughs. Your contractor can tell you what size rough you need. There are endless numbers of sinks you can choose from in many different styles, shapes and finishes. Undermount types, Vessel, Top mount, hand carved stone, etc. It is endless. Select both of these items before you begin your bathroom renovation.

Countertops: Bathroom countertops should be either Stone, (granite or marble) (some marble stains and is soft) Corian, Quartz, Silestone, or Swanstone. All of these hold up very well around water. All of the above are custom tops. You can purchase kits which come with the vanity, sink, and top as well.

Tile & Stone: Visit a tile showroom. Your choices here are endless as well. Decide on what you like after looking around a bit. Marble, Granite, Ceramic, Glass, Slate, Tumbled Stone, etc. There are several different types of installations and many factors will determine how the tile you select needs to be installed or what prep work needs to be done first in order to install the tile you select. Again all of this should be selected or at least known prior to beginning your work. It is possible that the contractor will have to do some additional work in order to install what you choose. 

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