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Serving Delray & Boynton Beach, Boca Raton, Parkland, Deerfield, Coral Springs, Etc. Palm Beach & Broward County 

The concept of Professional Services Apartment Remodeling & Renovation Contractors, was conceived by Mr. Nicholas M. Ricci, the owner of the company in 1994. His concept was to create a Contracting firm that specialized in Co-Op & Condo Apartment Renovations who actually cared about every single aspect involved in surpassing all others and achieving excellence in this industry.


It is now 2022, and we can proudly say that this milestone has not only been achieved, but is surpassing any expectations imagined. Simply put, Professional Services is one of the best Remodeling & Renovation firms any client will ever deal with when it comes to remodeling and renovation projects for their Apartment. 

Our Apartment Renovation company has been built one client at a time by taking full ownership and responsibility for each and every aspect of our clients Renovation projects. For many years, our philosophy has remained exactly the same. We deliver quality construction services, on time and within the allotted budget. 

Professional Services Contracting
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We Build Trust With Each & Every Project


Professional Services, Co-Op & Condo Apartment Renovation Contractors understands how important trust is in a Contractor / Client relationship. We make our clients feel comfortable by knowing that they are in trustworthy hands from design conception to the finished product. We fully understand that our clients fully rely on us to serve on their behalf, ethically and responsibly.

From the inception of our contracting company our track record speaks for itself. It is a record of the highest integrity, subject matter expertise, and overwhelming customer satisfaction. Our commitment to this statement is proven by the fact that many of our clients return to us for additional work they desire.

Our clients truly value the relationship we have built with them and recognize our unequaled commitment to quality, craftsmanship, budget, and schedule. Clients who use our Apartment Remodeling Services for one project return to Professional Services for all their future remodeling, renovation, and construction needs.



Expertise in Apartment Remodeling & Renovations
Diverse Portfolio of Residential Projects


Providing top quality Apartment Remodeling Contracting services is one of the main elements of Professional Services goals. Regardless of the size or complexity of any apartment remodeling or renovation project, we have the knowledge, the people, and the tools to make your apartment renovation a success.

As General Building Contractors, we can convert the plans and specifications of architects, engineers, and designers into exquisite finished projects that will please our clients to the highest degree.

Apartment renovations where Professional Services is the Contractor are all completed on time, on budget, and under the watchful eyes of the owner of the company himself.


Successful Remodeling


We have completed a large number of remodeling & renovation projects in New York City and the outer boroughs, delivering quality projects from Manhattan to Queens, and from Brooklyn to Long Island. Formerly located in Queens New York, we have an extensive portfolio of projects throughout the New York City area and are now in Florida serving the Palm Beach & Broward County communities.


Our Clientele

All Great People. . .


Our client list features individuals from all walks of life. All of which have one thing in common, they were kind enough to allow Professional Services the pleasure of serving them. For which we are extremely grateful. We have also worked with several architectural and design firms in the past, and for some of the largest real estate management companies who are responsible for very large quantities of square footage of residential space.



Leadership in Remodeling & Renovations

We Are Recognized as an Industry Leader

Professional Services completes Apartment remodeling and renovation projects ranging in costs from $30,000.00 to $1,000,000.00. We have completed projects of various sizes and scopes of work, with a specialty in high end residential apartment renovations, and private home construction.

One of the leading and, most trusted Contracting firms in the industry, we pride ourselves on solid relationships with our clients, and suppliers. We are recognized as a top notch Contracting firm in the Remodeling & Renovation community. 

At Professional Services, we believe that a superior quality remodeling or renovation project starts with top quality people. In fact, with great people you can accomplish anything on any construction, remodeling, or renovation project!

The team members of Professional Services, have all been hand picked for their honesty and commitment to excellence. They were each carefully selected for their talent and true work experience.

You will find our contracting team, highly professional, respectful, ethical and a pleasure to work with.

We love the neighborhoods we work in and sincerely care about each and every renovation we complete for our clients who are kind enough to allow us to serve them.


A Winning Contracting Company


Our recognition as a remodeling and renovation leader has been accompanied by praise from former clients, and featured work photos in magazines, most recently the cover of Kitchen & Bath Design. There is also an article on us along with a few others in the March 09 issue of this same magazine. The owner of the company has been cited as a remodeling & renovation expert by other professionals and former clients on a wide range of remodeling and renovation topics.


Technology Combining Old & New


Professional Services is well established, however, as High End Project Contractors we must seek out the latest technological advancements to incorporate into our projects for our clients. Our clients in general are very business savvy people who keep up with many things, including the latest gadgets for home or apartment renovations. It is also our general business practice to stay up to date with all the latest technologies out there which could be used on our clients apartment remodeling projects. Innovations like electric heated floors, the additions of flat screen televisions into the bathrooms, wireless devices, security options, etc. Our old  fashioned philosophy of great customer service does not preclude us from leveraging new technology to constantly improve our finished projects. The apartment remodeling industry is an ever changing arena of new technologies and installation methodologies. We must remain at the front of those advancements to consistently enhance our performance and service to our clients.


The Professional Services Way of Doing Business


When you hire Professional Services, you're not just selecting a Remodeling Contractor, you're choosing a Fully Licensed & Insured business partner. From the initial stages of design to the finished product, our approach solicits vital input from client, architect, or designer to make certain that your apartment renovation is a complete success. This method of doing business has created a streamlined approach to remodeling and renovations that results in superior quality, greater financial efficiency and meticulous adherence to deadlines. When you combine great people and hard work, impressive results are inevitable. Irrefutable evidence of this formula exists in the projects Professional Services has completed in the past. Without question, our portfolio is a source of extreme pride. It is, however, the promise of what we can achieve in the future that is the source of our passion.


Apartment Renovation Contractors


As a home or apartment owner, you will be hard pressed to find any Contracting Firm, with a better record of accomplishments, a larger installed base of apartment renovations, with more enthusiastically satisfied customers, or with a higher commitment to your remodeling project and design . The fact is, that even with the vast number of contractors out there vying for your renovation project, only a small handful merit a serious consideration to become your Contractor. Our area has many remodeling companies, but we believe that none would do a better job, provide you with a better warranty or offer you more assurances for the positive outcome of your renovation project. Most of all, we believe no other company competing for your job will offer you a better value for your money once you truly compare apples to apples and the professionalism of exactly who you choose to select to complete your project.

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