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Our former company back in New York City (Professional Services Inc.) was founded in New York in March 1994 with the commitment to provide our clients with the highest quality construction and remodeling services available. The owner of the company has relocated to Boynton Beach Florida and is now serving the South Florida Community. For many years, his New York City company (Professional Services Inc.) has been establishing superior relationships and instilling confidence in all of their clients by providing something exceedingly simple yet extraordinarily complex, which is the end result of our clients finished renovation project.

Mr. Ricci is someone who has been in the construction and remodeling industry for over 35 years now. He has extensive experience in all trades of the construction industry. It is his sincere desire to help property owners find affordable ways to complete desired projects they are considering having done in their home, apartment, or commercial space. 

A good reputation can only be earned through time, hard work and the consistent execution of a precise vision. The people who carry out that vision on a daily basis, Mr. Ricci himself and all the past and present associates he has connections with are solely responsible for the successes in our industry and our standing with our former clients. The loyalty, of our clients, breeds an internal stability that has allowed Professional Services Contracting to accomplish many things in the remodeling and construction industry.

The four most significant indicators of the quality of a contracting firm are, their finished renovation projects, their attention to detail, unmatched quality services to their clients, and their staff, and/or associates. Our craftsman are exceptional at everything they do, and have all been working together with the company for many years. They are all highly skilled at each specific task that is performed, and most of all they are happy to be working with the company. Our staff ensures that the high quality of workmanship remains consistent on every project that we take on. Our team knows exactly what is expected from us, and more importantly, what our clients deserve. 

As a home, apartment, or commercial property owner you will be hard pressed to find any contracting firm, with a better record of accomplishments, a larger installed base of jobs, with more enthusiastically satisfied customers, or with a higher commitment to your project and design . The fact is, that even with the vast number of candidates out there vying for your project, only a small handful merit a serious consideration to become your contractor. There are many construction companies out there, but we believe that none would do a better job, provide you with a better warranty or offer you more assurances for the positive outcome of your project. Most of all, we believe no other company competing for your job will offer you a better value for your money once you truly compare apples to apples. 

When you hire Professional Services you're not just selecting a contractor, you're choosing a Fully Licensed & Insured business partner. From the initial stages of design to the finished product, our approach solicits vital input from client and/or architect to make certain that your project is successful. This method of doing business has created a streamlined approach to project completion that results in superior quality, greater financial efficiency and meticulous adherence to deadlines.


When you combine great people and hard work, impressive results are inevitable. Irrefutable evidence of this formula exists in the projects Professional Services has completed in the past. Without question, our portfolio is a source of extreme pride. It is, however, the promise of what we can achieve in the future that is the source of our passion. (Get Our Remodeling Welcome Package Here!)

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